Freelance App Developer

This is totally about making my life’s best work.

The code I write, the design I draw,

all of it come together when your users experience it. 

Who I am

Hello, my name is Clément Cardonnel. I’m a freelance mobile developer with more than 4 years of experience in iOS development, a dozen satisfied customers, and personal apps on the App Store.

As a software engineer my job is to get your app done, beautifully. Whether you come with a finished product that needs fixes or with a simple idea you didn’t even drafted on paper, I can get it shipped on the App Store.

As a designer and app expert, I will help you get the most out of your ideas with UX Design and business advices.

A portrait of the author of the website, Clément Cardonnel.

What I do

iOS Developer

Need an app for the iPhone, Mac, iPad or Apple Watch? With Swift 5, SwiftUI and Combine you get a codebase that’s ready for the next decade.

I’ve got to admit, I spend way too much time sharpening my development skills. During this past year alone, I built apps using dozens of heavily specialized technologies such as SpriteKit, Metal or CloudKit.

I can build anything you need:

  • Swift 5, SwiftUI, Combine & Objective-C
  • iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch
  • URLSession, Firebase, CloudKit
  • Apple Maps, Google Maps, Analytics

iPhone application & App Store button

Taptic Metronome uses SpriteKit
to deliver delightful user interactions.

UX Designer

Let me tell you something very honest. Ultimately it’s not the code that matters. It’s the design. Design is what will make or break your user’s experience. Great design makes trillion dollar companies.

I like to start every project with a UX Design process. We will experiment and find the best way for your idea to express itself on a mobile app.

Make it count with a great design

  • UX Research, Personas, Interviews
  • Sketches, Wireframes
  • Mock-up, Interactive Prototypes

UX Design Apple Watch application

How to make an app work for such a small device? Understanding the Apple Watch design language was key.


Mobile apps very often require a networking component. I use a multitude of tools from Firebase to Node.js in order to give your app an efficient server-side companion.

Weather forecast: cloudy.

  • Save money by using the tools that suits your needs. I work with a range of technologies from Firebase and CloudKit to the more powerful Node.js.
  • Back-up your user’s data, store your app content including images and other assets, trigger push notifications and make use of analytics to get a glimpse of your user’s behavior.

iOS backend application developper

Journal uses CloudKit to store articles, send push notifications and keep track of user preferences. All without a single line of server code.


Get expert counceling on technical, product and business decisions. With a holistic view on what matters during the creation of a mobile app, I’m able to provide critical advices that can save you money and efforts and give you full confidence that you’re making the right decisions.

Working with me

  • Constant 1 business day availability through your preferred means of communication (Email, Slack, Phone, Skype, etc.)
  • Regular emails or even “vlogs” providing project’s status updates along with an overview of the current technical challenges.
  • Strong work ethic: a focus on quality and a high involvement in your project.

Garde ton Corps app was successfuly designed, developed and shipped in only 1 month.


Need to get an app done? Just send me an email through this contact form. I’ll get back to you within a day.